A Preventive Approach to Medicine


An old Chinese Proverb that illustrates the underlying philosophy of Chinese Medicine states, “The best Doctor treats the problem, before the problem becomes a disease”.

Disease doesn’t just happens, it creep up on us, and Chinese medicine holistic approach can help us keep disease at bay.

SWAN Wellness Center is an integrative healthcare clinic providing complimentary choices to clients in all of  San Antonio.  The healthcare industry today is in crisis with epidemic rates of preventable chronic diseases at records levels. vision-quote

Every day people are looking for options to improve or maintain their health using more natural holistic approaches that focus on healing and prevention while meeting their healthcare goals.   The SWAN Wellness Center is filling the gap by providing a balanced perspective between the conventional medical paradigm and the rapidly growing alternative medical field.  The bottom line is we help you to feel better so you can get back to the life you love to lead.

 SWAN Wellness Center offers treatment modality that can be successfully integrated with a person’s current medical care plan  to achieve maximum health potential and quality of life with the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Stress Management, and  Meditation.

What we do

Create a tailored plan of care that is centered around your goals and provide you with holistic solutions that are affordable and effective.  SWAN Wellness Center works to provide our patients with the highest quality of person-centered care through the use of natural healing therapies.   Our goal is to guide you to make informed choices about your health that will empower you to lead happy healthy balanced lives.  We strive to help each person unlock their inner physician so they can go on to provide healing for others in the families and communities.

 SWAN Wellness Center is a trusted source and premiere destination for health and holistic healing in alternative medicine. We are the catalyst for transformation and possibility in the realm of healing the body, mind and spirit. Our vision extends far beyond just being a healthcare provider. Our success is measured by patients achieving their optimal health and wellness, patient satisfaction, staff member excellence and happiness, improvement in the state of affairs in healthcare on all levels, as well as local and larger community support.

Find out how Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Tuina, Cupping, and Guasha are modalities of Chinese that can help you stay healthy now and in the future.

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